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And we're live! Welcome to The Beer Cellar, a new cellar tracking, tasting, and trading platform for the discerning collector—or the casual one! With an emphasis on tracking your consumption habits, tasting notes, and trade statuses, it should prove a useful tool for anyone who wants to keep their cellar in order.

While more additions are planned, the site already offers a number of features, including:

  • Add In Cellar and In Fridge entries—or both on the same record—to keep track of where your beer is and what's in the queue for planned drinking. Store information including beer, brewery, size, bottle date, and any relevant notes (e.g., batch number, best before, etc.)
  • Easily Drink, Move, and Add quantities on existing cellar entries. Using the simple inline controls, you can quickly adjust item counts.
  • When drinking beers, add quick Tasting Notes that will remain with that beer over time—even if you delete a particular entry and then add another with the same beer at a later date!
  • For each beer you drink, a Consumption Entry will be added to a running history of all the beers you consume, along with a date.
  • If interested in trading, enable Trading Labels in your account settings and mark each beer with a specific trading status, then share your cellar with potential traders.
  • If desired, you may Import a CSV with your existing cellar information, with automatic matching and a quick addition process for any breweries or beers not already in the database.
  • In addition, you can Export Your Cellar as a CSV whenever you want. Your cellar isn't mine—it's yours!—and I believe it should be yours to move around how you like.
  • Browse Cellars of other users, including their tasting notes, consumption histories, and trading statuses if available.
  • Lastly, the site should be quite iPad Friendly, with easily tappable targets and modern design standards.

This project is just starting out, so you may notice that many breweries and beers are not yet in the database—while we're starting with over 6000 beers, there are a lot more than that out there! But as the user base grows, things will only get better. And anyone can add a Brewery or Beer—just start adding an entry to your cellar, and if your beer isn't found, the option will be there.

As mentioned above, there are many more features already in the docket, but if you have any requests, comments, or questions, feel free to message me on Twitter at @BeerCellarMe or via email at josh@beercellar.me. If you're interested in further information on the genesis of this site or the rationale behind its design, make sure to check out the FAQ and About sections. And otherwise, I hope you enjoy the The Beer Cellar!

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