Consumed Search & More Mobile Filters February 28th, 2020 Back ↩

You should not infer anything from a lack of blogging activity, as we're still here, and with new updates to boot.

First up is the ability to search your Consumed History by beer and brewery name, a long-overdue feature that will let you quickly find consumed entries and any associated tasting notes. The need for this feature was apparent as I struggled to look up past beers at a recent bottle share, which previously required a lot of scrolling and paginating. This feature is available on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Next, the ability to sort by Bottle Date has been added to the mobile site. I often want a quick way to glance at my oldest bottles when on the go, and this new filter option does the trick, sorting from oldest to freshest. You can find it in the Filters pane when using the site on your mobile device.

More improvements to come as I have the time, and in the meantime, santé!