Updated Beer Styles, Mobile Sort Counts October 23rd, 2018 Back ↩

Long time no blog! Yes, I'm still here, despite an extended period of radio silence (though I've been posting the occasional update on the @CellarDotBeer account). I did manage to get some development and cleanup work done recently, however, which I'll detail below.

First up, it's been far too long since I went through and made sure the available beer styles were matched up with what's on BeerAdvocate. As of now, the styles database has been updated to match the offerings seen at the aforelinked page. Most changes were just name updates for existing styles, but a few styles have been removed as more specific categories now exist.

I moved all beers affected by these style removals into their appropriate categories, but it's possible some existing beers may have an incorrect style attached thanks to wording updates in BA's style guide. If you notice that a beer doesn't have a style or is styled incorrectly, you can add one or report the error via the "Beer" info pane in the extended details section for an entry (note: this view is only available on the desktop version of the site). For more details on available community database management and reporting capabilities, check out this blog post on the topic.

And secondly, I've got a minor mobile update in place: when sorting/filtering beer in your cellar, relevant bottle totals are now displayed in the sort header. E.g., if filtering to see only beer from Cigar City Brewing, you'll now see "Cigar City Brewing (XX)" in the header, where "XX" is the number of their bottles you currently have. These totals are also displayed for other filter modes such as Style, Location, and In Fridge.

As always, I have more development planned, but in the meantime, thanks to everyone for their continued contributions to the site. New beer and brewery entries are rolling in every day from users, and as a result our database is healthy and up-to-date. This site wouldn't work without you!