How Do You Drink Your Cellar? August 22nd, 2017 Back ↩

I thought I'd take a break from development news to talk to my fellow Beer Cellarers (that's totally a word, right?). I recently held a tasting party and went through most of my Firestone Walker Brewing collection (pictures below), and that got me wondering what other folks do when it comes to making progress through their collections.

After closing in on 400 total bottles late last year, I slowed down my intake pace and set out to focus on making a dent in my cellar—all in the name of freeing up space for future bottles, of course. Tasting parties like this one have been a nice way to try a lot of beer, bring friends into that enjoyment, and to ensure I get to bottles that otherwise might age out.

So how do you keep up with your cellar? Does a weekly bottle or three do the trick, or do you need to take more drastic measures (like me)? Feel free to tweet me at @CellarDotBeer, and I'll rewteet any fun stories that come in. And in the meantime, santé!