Sorting Updates & Improvements June 27th, 2017 Back ↩

Ready for consumption on both desktop and mobile clients, a handful of sorting improvements are now available. Details are as follows:

  • A new Filter by Brewery option is now available, which lets you view all the entries from a specific brewery.
  • The Filter by Location option, previously only available on mobile, has been added to the desktop site, allowing you to show only entries from the specified location. (This only affects users with Storage Locations enabled.)
  • On the desktop site, Trade Status filtering has been condensed into a single drop-down list, and you can now filter by entries with no status, along with the usual For Trade and In Search Of options.
In addition to the updates above, I spent a little time on a mild refactor of the sorting code, which should result in slightly quicker sort operations in some circumstances. Enjoy!