Mobile Redesign is Live, and Other Updates June 12th, 2017 Back ↩

Fueled by many a crowler from Fieldwork Brewing here in Berkeley, CA, the mobile redesign is now complete. This revamp brings the mobile experience and aesthetic in line with the styling introduced in the recent desktop update, and includes a number of enhancements meant to increase usability on the go. Some screenshots of the new look are included below.


Additionally, because I am a crazy person even when it comes to the aesthetic of cellar URLs, I've also taken this opportunity to update cellar addresses to use Twitter-style routing. What this means is that, while you could previously find your cellar at[username], your cellar is now located at[username]. For example, you can find my cellar at

All existing cellar links with the old /cellar syntax will redirect to the new location, so there's no need to update any links to your cellar out in the wild if you don't want to. And while I've tested this feature extensively, I'd appreciate it if you let me know of any strange behaviors that I might not have accounted for.

Lastly, this release includes a smattering of other updates and bug fixes:

  • Brewery and Beer add forms are now properly cleared when adding multiple breweries or beers in succession.
  • The mobile site no longer defaults to "app" mode when adding the link to your home screen. If you notice the site is in a non-standard full screen mode, try deleting your home screen link and re-adding the site from your browser.
  • On the desktop site, when viewing your consumed history in expanded mode, pagination links now retain your view preference.
  • Fixed an issue where some Android clients wouldn't connect to the website due to HTTP/2.

As usual, this release took longer than anticipated, but I'm really happy with the new look and I hope you enjoy it as well. There's definitely enough change here to introduce some new bugs (though I hope not!), so if you notice anything strange please message me, shoot me an email, or mention me on Twitter. Santé!