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Consumption History
Drank 22 oz of Pepe Nero by Goose Island Beer Co. (2011-02-25)June 29th, 2020
Lots of malt, a bit of smoke. Maybe a little too aged. Decent, not great.
Drank 16 oz of Neon Rainbows by Brewery OmmegangJune 17th, 2020
Better than I expected, but a bit more bitter than you want in a New England IPA. If I blind tasted it, I would assume it was a regular IPA.
Drank 25 oz of KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) by Founders Brewing (2018-02-08)June 16th, 2020
Still tastes great with lots of chocolate and coffee.
Beer share at Mike R’s - bottle neck smelled like red onions. Beer was ok, but not as good as usual.
Drank 16 oz of Bourbon County Brand Stout Rare by Goose Island Beer Co. (2015-09-21)June 14th, 2020
This is in my opinion one of the best beers you can buy. I’m thankful to have been lucky enough to get a few bottles and am happy to say that this one has held up well, is not infected, and is the world class beer I remember when I first had it. Cheers! This is to celebrate paying off our mortgage!
Not infected and held up amazingly well. No noticeable drop off in flavor since the last time I had one.
So good, just like I remember it 2 years ago! Wow!
Absolutely fantastic. Will definitely try to get more of this and age it. Very boozy but enjoyable. Sweet, smooth bourbon flavor really comes out nicely.
Drank 12 oz of Dragon's Milk Reserve with Raspberries by New Holland Brewing Company (2015-10-06)June 13th, 2020
Still tons of raspberries and has held up very well.
Still really good after aging a few years and the raspberry hasn’t really dropped off much.
Drank 16 oz of Bourbon County Brand Midnight Orange by Goose Island Beer Co. (2018-09-20)June 13th, 2020
Orange is still strong at the front. Holding up well.
This one seems to have lost a bit of carbonation and the Orange has faded a bit. I bought this one more recently so maybe not stored well.
Drank 12 oz of Tweak (Bourbon Barrel) by Avery Brewing Company (2017-10-27)June 12th, 2020
Lots of coffee and chocolate.
Drank 12 oz of §ucaba by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. (2018)June 6th, 2020
Drank 12 oz of §ucaba by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. (2019)June 6th, 2020
Drank 16 oz of Quiet Space by Other Half Brewing Co.May 31st, 2020
Don’t taste vanilla at all. No distinguishable flavors. Not my favorite from them.
Drank 16 oz of Barrel Aged Pastrytown - Waffle by Other Half Brewing Co. (2020)May 31st, 2020
Lots and of maple sweetness. Not as complex as I was hoping with Willet on the label and for $40.
Drank 16 oz of Bourbon County Brand Stout (2018) by Goose Island Beer Co. (2018-10-04)May 30th, 2020
Very dark, lots of dark chocolate and sweetness. I think this one was best fresh.
8 year vertical
Mmmm. Welcome back my old friend. This is the BC I fell in love with but haven’t had since 2014. Dark, malty, bourbony booziness. Yum
Drank 12 oz of KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) by Founders Brewing (2019-02-13)May 29th, 2020
Really good. Lots of coffee at the front, followed by tons of dark chocolate. No loss of flavor after 1 year.
Loads of dark chocolate with a hint of coffee. Finish is roasted malt and lingering dark chocolate. Held up well.
Really good until the very end when bitterness sets in and becomes the only thing lingering on the palette.
Drank 16 oz of Bourbon County Brand Stout (2016) by Goose Island Beer Co. (2016-10-07)May 28th, 2020
Has aged very well. Lots of dark, roasted malt and booziness.
Lots of dark chocolate and roasted malt. Thin for BC.
Put some cold brewed coffee in. yumm
8 year vertical
Really good, smooth, boozy, rich and roasty.
Great fresh.
Drank 16 oz of Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout by Goose Island Beer Co. (2018-09-04)May 25th, 2020
Each one I open has a varying amount of vanilla. This one is like chugging a bottle of vanilla extract; a bit heavy.
Vanilla is still very prominent. The original recipe comes in with rich chocolate and malt on the finish.
Oh wow it that a lot of vanilla that hits right away! Yum. Then the really dark malty, chocolatey flavor from the stout comes in, followed by the booziness of the bourbon barrels. Excellent!