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Beer Brewery Style ABV
The Woodsman (Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels)4 Hands Brewing Co.American Imperial Stout9.3%
WoodthrushLittle FishFrench Bière de Garde6.6%
Woodwerks ba oatmeal stout (2018)Flat 12 BierworksEnglish Oatmeal Stout7.8%
WoodwerXToolbox Brewing Co.American Wild Ale6.0%
WoodwolfSeventh Son Brewing CoAmerican Imperial IPA9.3%
The Woodwork Series - French Oak BarreledRevelation Cat Craft BrewingAmerican Imperial IPA11.0%
The Woodwork Series- Base BeerRevelation Cat Craft BrewingAmerican Imperial IPA11.0%
Woody B.Crabtree BreweryAmerican Barleywine12.0%
Woody Creek WhiteFlying Dog BreweryBelgian Witbier4.8%
Woody Organic IPARoots Organic BrewingAmerican IPA6.2%
Woody StoutLost Rhino Brewing CompanyEnglish Stout6.8%
Woody's LightSullivan's Black Forest Brew Haus & GrillAmerican Pale Ale (APA)3.6%
Woofle DustCouncil Brewing Co.American Wild Ale6.0%
Wookey JackFirestone Walker Brewing Co.American Black Ale8.3%
Wookey Jack cloneMy Home BrewAmerican IPA7.1%