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Beer Brewery Style ABV
[BANISHED] Better Off RedCrux Fermentation ProjectFlanders Red Ale7.0%
[BANISHED] DoublecrossCrux Fermentation ProjectBelgian Strong Dark Ale12.0%
[BANISHED] FreakcakeCrux Fermentation ProjectFlanders Oud Bruin10.5%
[BANISHED] In The PocketCrux Fermentation ProjectBelgian Saison9.9%
[Banished] One-Off Fables GrapesCrux Fermentation ProjectAmerican Wild Ale
[BANISHED] Tough LoveCrux Fermentation ProjectAmerican Imperial Stout11.5%
[BANNISHED] Ribbon of DarknessCrux Fermentation ProjectAmerican Imperial Porter11.0%
[Blank]Tree House Brewing Company
[Insert Juicy Pun]Southern Grist Brewing CoNew England IPA7.9%
[Michigan Awesome] HatterNew Holland Brewing CompanyEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)
[Zeros and Ones]WeldwerksAmerican Imperial IPA8.6%
The \400"Honey Ale"""Titletown Brewing
_F5 key TornadoPrairie Artisan AlesAmerican Stout14.0%
______ Already Did ItTriptych BrewingAmerican Imperial Stout11.0%
___________ (Unnamed)Forest & Main