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Beer Brewery Style ABV
Your Favorite IPABlank Brewing
Your Favorite IPA on Tap. And Do You Sell Wine? My Girlfriend Doesn't Like BeerBlank BrewingNew England IPA7.0%
Your Grandma On French ToastPigeon Hill Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial Stout11.0%
Your Hallucination RavingsProclamation Ale CompanyAmerican Wild Ale6.2%
Your lips taste like yuzu & sudachiAll In Brewing4.0%
Your Mom On French ToastPigeon Hill Brewing CompanyAmerican Porter11.5%
Your Silent CaptainGreen Bench BrewingAmerican Imperial Stout10.4%
youreallyfuckedmeup & imreallyfuckingfuriousWarpigsAmerican Imperial Stout11.4%
Youve Said It AllMikerphoneBerliner Weisse6.0%
You’ll Be FineAnchorage Brewing CoNew England IPA6.4%
Yoyo a gogoThree Magnets BreweryBelgian Dubbel8.1%
YpresDe Struise BrouwersFlanders Oud Bruin7.0%
YubbyYubbertonEnglish Bitter
Yucatan SunriseGaragiste Meadery
Yuel FuelBull & Bush Pub & Brewery