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Beer Brewery Style ABV
Wolf ov SiberiaKings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)American Imperial IPA7.7%
Wolf Pup Session IPAGolden Road BrewingAmerican IPA4.5%
WolfgangGreat Divide Brewing CompanyGerman Doppelbock8.0%
Wolfhound Imperial Irish RedMilwaukee Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red Ale10.7%
WolfinsteinWild Wolf Brewing CompanyRussian Imperial Stout10.0%
Wolfman's Berliner7venth Sun BreweryBerliner Weisse
Wolfsblood Scotch Ale (Barrel Aged)Bullfrog BreweryScotch Ale / Wee Heavy8.0%
WolpertingerPipeworks Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial IPA9.0%
WolpertingerUrban Chestnut Brewing Company7.3%
Wolpertinger 2012Urban Chestnut Brewing CompanyAmerican Brown Ale9.0%
Wolters Black BeerHofbrauhaus Wolters GmbHGerman Schwarzbier4.9%
Wolters PilsenerHofbrauhaus Wolters GmbHGerman Pilsner4.7%
Wolverine Wheat BeerHereford & Hops Restaurant and Brewpub #1German Hefeweizen
Wolves in the PianoBirds Fly South Ale ProjectAmerican Imperial Stout12.3%
Wompa TulaLong Beard Brewing Co.American Pale Ale (APA)5.9%