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Beer Brewery Style ABV
WoozyCerveceros Garage S.L.8.5%
Work From HomeCerebral BrewingAmerican Porter
Work From Home - Bourbon BACerebral BrewingAmerican Imperial Stout13.7%
Work From Home - Laws Single Barrel BACerebral BrewingAmerican Imperial Stout13.5%
Work From Home - Rum BACerebral BrewingAmerican Imperial Stout13.3%
Work the SystemMagnify Brewing
Worker BeeShoreline Brewery
Workers CompTwo Roads Brewing Co.
Workers stompTwo Roads Brewing Co.Belgian Saison
Workhorse IPALaurelwood Public House & BreweryAmerican IPA
Workhorse PorterVictory BrewingAmerican Porter
Working For The WeekendSpiteful Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial IPA7.9%
Working Man's LunchFullsteam BreweryAmerican Brown Ale5.7%
Working TitlePerennial Artisan AlesBelgian Pale Ale6.2%
Working VacationCerebral BrewingAmerican Imperial Stout12.4%